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UPDATE: 03/03/19

It looks like this pathetic loser has finally been shut down once and for all! I know you read this blog, LESLIE GOCZA, so I will give you a friendly reminder. If you ever f*** with me again I will gladly come after you and destroy your life for a second time. You chose to come after me with your scams thinking that I would give in to your scummy ways just like every other seller on Ebay and Amazon did. What you failed to realize is that I'm the b**** from hell when you provoke me. I don't take kindly to people running games on me and I do whatever is necessary to return the favor. I certainly have the ways and means to do so as you have figured out many times over. Your life and your businesses are completely destroyed and I'm sure by now you're very sorry you ever messed with me. Your threats don't mean s***! You're an idiot and a coward and you don't back up anything you say. I will come back at you full force if you ever come at me again!! You better believe that, too! I took you down once and I will gladly do it again!! Make no mistake about it! You better heed this warning, you little runt!!

BAD BUYER BLOG: Click Here to view Leslie's attacks (this may take a few moments to load due to the massive amount of content).

I have created this website in response to the overwhelming demand for background information and visual documentation on LESLIE (LAZLO) GOCZA. I have received numerous requests from people he has scammed to compile and post this content. Leslie emails me constantly with threats demanding that I take this site down but as long as he continues to scam people I will continue to make everyone aware of it. Word is quickly spreading about this loser and a lot of blogs are now posting this website link.

First let me take a moment to clear up some recent misinformation from the bad buyer blog. Leslie is one of those people who keeps spinning more lies to keep the first lie going. My identity is constantly in question by him. One day I'm Trisha, the next day I'm Bob, on another day I'm Dillon, then I'm Mallory. Now this idiot thinks I'm "Michael". I get such a kick out of watching his ignorance. I'm whoever suits him on a given day.

I can say with 100% certainty that Trisha, Dillon, Bob and Mallory are all real people. It drives Leslie nuts that he has no personal identifying information on most of them (other than what they have publicly posted on the blog) which brings Leslie's Googling abilities to a halt. I can only imagine how many hours a day that loser must spend Googling. He desperately wants their lives revealed on the blog - and he wants to be the one to do it - but he's at a loss how to make that happen. It's basically backed him into a corner and the only way he can handle it is to accuse me of pretending to be them. The more he pursues that the dumber he looks and the more comical it is for the rest of us who get a good laugh at the ridiculous stories he makes up behind it.

Dillon actually created three opportunities for Leslie to physically see him in person yet Leslie did nothing. WHY IS THAT? Dillon provided (via the blog) dates, times and locations for Leslie to make an appearance and all of these locations were mere minutes from Leslie's house (I Google mapped the locations when I saw that Dillon posted them) so the fault here lies with Leslie for refusing to face his fears and show up. He had a decision to make - either man-up and face his fears or continue to live in a land of delusion. He chose the latter. In Leslie's mind if he doesn't see it that means it doesn't exist. That's stupid logic but stupid logic is the way Leslie has always lived his life.

Leslie hides behind others to do his dirty work and it wasn't until I revealed his true identity that he was forced out into the open. He tried desperately to hang onto his wife's persona (Karin). He never wanted his name or his life to be such an open book. He lives a life of introversion and secrecy and the more I put his life on blast, the more furious he became. He doubted my private investigator yet there was no other way for him to explain all of the information I was able to uncover about him. Much of what I learned isn't readily available on the internet. It required access (in many cases) by professionals with the necessary credentials to request and obtain it. Leslie often accused Bob as being my private investigator but (again) it goes back to Leslie's "if he doesn't see it then it doesn't exist" stupid logic. In fact, my private investigator followed Leslie and Karin to a Chinese restaurant that they regularly go to. He sat about three tables away from them and had me on his cellphone as we were listening to their conversation. My PI said that Karin looked miserable and there was hardly any conversation between them. A few days later my PI paid a visit to Leslie's 25519 Round Lake house, parked on the opposite side of the street, and took photos of the cars parked in his driveway along with the license plates and VIN numbers (posted below). And these photos were taken in broad daylight! There were no security cameras on the outside of Leslie's house and no guard dogs anywhere. It just goes to show what can happen when Leslie's not looking. I was able to get that close to him (albeit through a third party) and I can continue to do so at any time. That is the part that infuriates Leslie the most - that I can infiltrate his life at any time while he has no power or control over any part of mine.

The bottom line is there is no reason for me to pretend to be anyone else. To do that would mean putting my credibility at risk and it's not worth it. I stopped posting on that blog several months ago and have dedicated my time to this site where I can post the truth without Leslie's fake nonsense and games. Leslie hates it and everytime he comes here and sees his photos and his life displayed so publicly he probably puts his fist through a wall or kicks the trash can. Too bad!! I'm sure he has huge regrets by now that he chose to come after me but I will stand vigilante and continue to bring LESLIE GOCZA down as long as he continues to attack others.

This ridiculous idiot also claims to have found my Amazon STEALTH account which is hilarious because I don't have one. He is trying desperately to convince others via the blog that he's done something monumental to destroy me in some way when the fact is he has done NOTHING other than make himself continue to look stupid. While I do have a new Amazon business, it has nothing to do with my old inventory which is why he's having such a difficult time finding it. I'm sure he spends hours and hours each day searching and Googling but he never will. And to try to mask his stupidity he'll continue boasting to himself on the blog and giving himself kudos for whatever (failed) destruction he thinks he's done on any given day. Michael did make one comment that really resonated with me when he wrote - "I do, however, see a man who has been literally brought down in every way imaginable and whose name will forever be tarnished...While the movie house site separates fact from fiction I believe the average minimally educated person would catch on to that quickly without it.". That is so true. Although I highly disagree that anyone should feel sorry for "the poor slob". Leslie is getting exactly what he deserves and I'm enjoying being the one to give it to him!! I'm doing what many other sellers wish they could have done but didn't have the courage to do. How do I know this? Because of the emails I receive from people who have been through similar situations and couldn't step up and defend themselves.


Let me also take some time to clear up the many fictitious stories and tall tales of LESLIE GOCZA throughout the blog. I can't comment on all of them since there's just too many to list here. Some of his rantings are clearly untrue and any sane person will see that.

Did Leslie file any Disney lawsuits involving me or my Amazon business? No
Did Leslie ever handcarry any legal documents to any Disney office regarding me or my Amazon business? No
Did Leslie initiate any federal lawsuits involving me or my Amazon business? No
Did Leslie initiate any civil lawsuits against me or my Amazon business? No
Did I used my website to lure children and/or minors for nepharious purposes? No
Have there ever been any court/legal proceededings initiated by Leslie regarding me or my Amazon business? No
Has Leslie ever resided in the State of Texas? No
Was Karin arrested in July 2015 at her 25519 Round Lake home for prostitution? Yes - PROOF
Was Karin working as an undercover agent at the above time? No
Was Karin acquitted of said crime? No
(She pled guilty to a lesser charge, served one year of community service and paid a fine)
Did Leslie place any ads about me or my Amazon business that appeared anywhere and during anytime? No
Did Leslie follow through on any July 4th (2018) "event" at my home? No
(And when repeatedly questioned about it he refuses to answer)
Did Leslie post any audio, video or pictures files of me that have gone viral? No
Was Leslie Gocza ever in the military? Yes
(Two years of service - Discharged due to difficulty getting along with others)
Is Leslie Gocza a licensed private investigator? No
(A "patrol2secure" Twitter account was created for that purpose but the business failed before it ever started)
Is Leslie Gocza a licensed security guard or have credentials in this field? No
Is Leslie Gocza (or Karin) a member of the Spanish Cobras (or ever has been)? No
(Leslie even tries to make it look legitimate by inventing fictitious characters named "Sister Latasha", "Bro
Tacko", and "Burrito". Then he begins carrying on a blog conversation with these fictitious characters. Did he
really think anyone believed him? What a dork! LMAO!!)
Is Leslie Gocza or any member of his family a newspaper reporter? No
(Although he has used fake credentials in the past)
Has Leslie ever made any trips to Texas at any time and for any reason (personal, business, legal, etc.)? No
Has Leslie ever filed any legal documents regarding me or my Amazon business within the jurisdiction of Texas? No
Is Leslie affiliated with any "First Class Jewelry" store located in the State of Texas? No
Did Leslie ever make any trips (for business or pleasure) to Mexico from February 2018 to the present? No
Was a formal Cease and Desist letter mailed to Leslie by me? Yes
Was any white, powdery substance included inside of the mailed envelope? No
Was a $5,000 extortion letter to burn Leslie's house down included inside of the mailed envelope? No
Was there a pickup truck with a Texas license plate that stole mail out of Leslie's box? No
Has Leslie now or ever authored or written a book of any kind? No
Have there ever been any civil, criminal or federal charges brought against Bob Elkins or his family? No
Was the death of Mrs. Elkins due to foul play? No
(Mrs. Elkins died peacefully in her sleep of natural causes at the age of 83)
Did Bob Elkins have any involvement in the death of any so-called "teenage friend"? No
Did Bob Elkins ever commit a burglary on any of Leslie's properties? No
Did Leslie get reprimanded by the Round Lake police for using his white Ford Crown Victoria to impersonate a police officer? Yes
Are there any "Mexican Porn DVD" businesses being owned and operated by Leslie? No
Is Leslie's 25519 Round Lake property currently under risk of foreclose due to an unresolved balloon payment? Yes
Does Leslie now or has he ever had any property in the Carson City (Nevada) area? No
Is there any ground breaking pending on any property purchased by Leslie in the Carson City (Nevada) area? No
Has Leslie had properties in Wauconda, Kenosha, Richmond (etc.) repossessed due to nonpayment? Yes
(His last remaining property is currently up for sale at an over-inflated price that he will probably not get.
Click RICHMOND CONDO to view the listing)
Do I have an Amazon STEALTH account? No
(Amazon allowed me to create a second seller account that Leslie cannot find)
Does Leslie have any power or control over "wildmichigan" or "Autumn Heart Books and Media"? No
(He constantly brags about it on the blog but it's just the delusional world he lives in)

The above are only a SMALL collection of lies and falsehoods that Leslie has told on the blog. And now, he claims that I will have "guests" coming to my home in some murderous Valentines Day rage. LMAO!!!! It's totally laughable and as fake as all of the tall tales he's told above. You would think he'd be tired by now of looking so ignorant but just when you think he can't look any more stupid he rants or boasts on the blog about things even more stupid. It just goes on and on. I think he truly believes what he's saying because he's lost all power and control over everything and he desperately needs something to believe in even if it's just a figment of his own imagination.

Here are the vehicles that my private investigator was able to photograph and what I know about them:

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan
License Plate No.: L78 5937
VIN No.: 2D4RN4DE3AR412381
Title No.: X0307638358
Application No.: 0753739419
Most Recent Title Issuance: 11/03/2010
2008 Mercury Grand Marquis
License Plate No.: X69 2843
VIN No.: 2MEFM74VX8X601537
Title No.: X7256622367
Application No.: 0653590218
Most Recent Title Issuance: 09/13/07

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan
License Plate No.: L16 1931
VIN No.: 2D4RN3D11AR372051
Title No.: X0221650295
Application No.: 0753742735
Most Recent Title Issuance: 08/09/2010


My Amazon account (My-Movie-House-USA) was attacked in November 2017 by (former) Amazon seller, LESLIE GOCZA.

LESLIE'S AMAZON STORE: VHS Tapes For VHS Tape Players (now terminated)
LESLIE'S PRIOR AMAZON STORE: VHS Tapes For Your VCR (terminated)
LESLIE'S ORIGINAL AMAZON STORE: MovieJukeBoxReplay (terminated)
STORE OWNER: Karin Gocza (Leslie controls the account)
SPOUSE: Karin Marianne
BUSINESS EMAIL: karinmerryann@yahoo.com
OTHER EMAIL: newscoverageasap@aol.com
OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter @patrol2secure (a failed security venture)
STREET ADDRESS: 25519 Illinois Route 120, Round Lake, IL 60073
SECONDARY ADDRESS: P.O. Box 2199, Round Lake, IL 60073
OTHER ADDRESS: 440 Cunat Blvd. Unit 1G, Richmond, IL 60071
UPDATE: Leslie has owned other condo's in this complex - Kensington Manor - in buildings 400, 410 and 510. The units in buildings 410 and 510 were sold at a significant loss several years ago when the economy took a downturn and 440 is the last of his real estate holdings other than his current residence. It appears that he is desperately liquidating this last asset due to possible foreclosure on his 25519 Round Lake home. We understand that he had a sizeable balloon payment due on that property in the recent past which he has not yet paid. Stay tuned. - See 440 Listing

PHONE NUMBER: 847-209-3687 (calls will go to voicemail as he is flooded daily with multiple collection agencies)
ALTERNATE PHONE NUMBER #1: 779-713-3686 (Karin’s "escort service" number)
ALTERNATE PHONE NUMBER #2: 7**-***-**89 (We don't want to reveal this one yet..but soon)

Here is where Leslie spends his lonely days and nights on his computer manipulating and sabotaging innocent Amazon sellers.


Leslie stated recently that he has used (and will continue to use) Amazon gift cards to mask his identity to place fake orders on these accounts to destroy their performance metrics and force them into suspension or termination.

Autumn Heart Books and Media - SELLER PROFILE
Amazon has various escalation and abuse departments actively working with this seller. A-Z claims are being denied and negative feedback is being removed as quickly as Leslie places it there.

Amazon's Seller Support/Performance, Captive Team and Buyer Abuse Departments are actively working with this seller. A-Z claims are being denied and negative feedback is being addressed. Leslie's bogus buyer accounts change names often which, in turn, changes the name on the feedback posted. He has used the names of "Jolene P." - "Tracy T." - "Dawn H." - and lastly "Dana". The name will probably change again as Leslie either modifies the userID on the account or he creates another account with a completely different name.

UPDATE (01/10/19):There is GREAT NEWS for this seller! With Jeff Bezo's assistance, a member of Amazon's Captive Team has removed all of LESLIE GOCZA'S negative feedback and her performance metrics have now been restored!! I am told that there is a dedicated account rep assigned to this seller who will reverse any damage Leslie tries to inflict and that all A-Z claims filed by him will be denied from this date forward. Great job!!

Please feel free to copy and paste this picture to any other site you wish. According to Leslie's remarks on the blog, THIS is the bad-ass we're all supposed to afraid of. I'm shakin' in my socks! NOT!!!!

This was Leslie's Facebook profile page once upon a time until he started being referred to as a "clown" on the buyer blog. He then quickly removed the photo and his presence there practically disappeared. Incidently, that is also the same avatar that he used on his Twitter page "@survivorstroke1". He has a secondary Twitter account (@patrol2secure) which he once used for his failed security guard start-up business.

Leslie has often commented about being a security officer and has stated that he is certified in this field. Leslie has met none of the formal certifications to be actively employed in any aspect of security or law enforcment. What he does have is a PERC Card.

A PERC (Permanent Employee Registration) Card is an element of certification required for a person work as a security guard in the State of Illinois. This card serves as verification to a possible employer that an individual has undergone and passed state and federal background checks and fingerprinting prior to becoming employed as security personnel. Just having a PERC card doesn’t automatically ensure that a person will get a job as a security guard, it only permits the person to apply and be considered for a position. It is not considered law enforcement. It is an Illinois State law to make sure that individuals in security employment have clean records and are hopefully good citizens and worthy of trust.

As a side note, the State of Illinois does not require a person to be fingerprinted and background tested each year after the initial assessment. They simply require that you RENEW the card each year for a $45 fee.

Leslie will never be employed in this field due to (1) age, (2) declining health, (3) poor physical condition, and (4) inability of any employer to deem him a good citizen and worthy of trust. Their online search will show all of his fraudulent activity spanning years and he will, therefore, never been a desirable candidate for any employment in the securities field.

Leslie ordered multiple VHS from me during a time period of April-August 2017. They were shipped to the above post office box under Karin’s name. Upon receipt of these orders he claimed damage and non-receipt. All orders were shipped via USPS and tracking showed successful delivery to his door. I requested that Leslie open up cases through the Amazon system for each item in question but he refused. I made it clear that I would not take any kind of action outside of Amazon policy and Leslie became very angry. He asked for immediate refunds and refused to send back any of the items so I declined. He then began flooding me with hateful and threatening email through the Amazon messaging system. I received several emails every day. He threatened to use any means necessary to get my store shut down. When I would not give in to his demands he left negative feedback for all of the orders which damaged by performance metrics and my account was suspended in November 2017.

I contacted Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s Seller Support and Seller Performance teams who worked together to undo all of Leslie's damage to my account and my selling privileges were quickly reinstated and my performance metrics were restored. This angered Leslie tremendously and he began emailing me again with threats of destroying my account. During this time my account was in vacation mode so that he could not order anything from me.

I immediately began investigating Leslie. I did some creative sleuthing and was able to connect his buyer account to his seller account. I pulled up his storefront and I discovered that he sells a lot of the same VHS in his store that I sell in mine. A review of his inventory revealed that all of the items he claimed were damaged and not received were now for sale in his VHS TAPES FOR VHS TAPE PLAYERS store. It all made sense.

During this time I was referred by an Ebay seller to a third party website called Bad Buyer List. This site is used by sellers from all venues but mostly Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon to report an experience with an abusive buyer for other sellers to see. I think it is a fantastic site when used for the right reason. I created a report under Karin’s name because that is who I thought I was dealing with. I discovered along the way that Leslie always does his dirty work behind her name. He will never use his own. However, he made it very clear that he and Karin were a team and she was fully aware of his deviant behavior and fully supported it. When Leslie found that I reported him on that site he went into attack mode (see above "Online Harassment" link).

Meanwhile, Leslie was continuing to email me saying that he was waiting for my store to come out of vacation mode so that he could place orders. I took my account off of vacation mode in February 2018. Leslie created a fake buyer account and began placing orders with me. These orders were being shipped to a fake address with a non-working phone number:

Jesus Hernandez
1820 E Lake Mead Blvd. Suite J
North Las Vegas, NV 89030-7134
Phone : 702-432-0422

Leslie placed nine orders and immediately upon my confirmation of the orders he placed negative feedback for all orders which (again) damaged my performance metrics. I immediately contacted Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s Seller Support and Seller Performance departments and (again) they worked together to remove all of the negative feedback and my performance metrics were restored. Leslie became furious again and began flooding me with more hateful and threatening emails. He is pure trash. I placed my account back on vacation mode.

It should be noted that the negative feedback Leslie left included accusations of me being racist against Latinos, that I was calling his place of work and harassing him, and that I was refusing to ship orders to any “Latino location”. None of this, of course, was true.

I decided to investigate Leslie further so I hired an Illinois-based private investigator. The first thing we found was a prostitution arrest for Karin from 2015:
ABC7-Lake County Sheriff's Office

Karin was forced into prostitution by Leslie in the Chicago area for years. Leslie has not been able to hold down a steady job in over thirty years and Karin’s “business” has been their primary source of income. Her services were offered primarily through Craigslist and Backpage until both sites were shut down and now she is found on the Erotic Monkey (click on the green "Enter Site" button and you will see her profile).
The Erotic Monkey - #263770

Some time ago Leslie built an add-on apartment to his home fashioned to look like a single woman lives there. This is where Karin once serviced her “John’s” under the pretence of being "Nurse Rockingham" or a flight attendant on a layover. Leslie installed a one-way mirror on this apartment and he took pictures of these “John’s” without their knowledge. He sold these photos via mail-order in carefully sorted packets of 4”x6” numbered photos. While this may have been a somewhat lucrative venture years ago it is now a defunct business due to Karin’s age (she is almost 70 years old). My private investigator was able to find hundreds of Karin’s photos on the dark web and we were able to make contact with a few of the “John’s” (whose faces were not in any of the photos found). Leslie’s neighbors became suspicious of the high traffic coming in and out of their home and they were reported to the police. A Round Lake detective went undercover posing as a "John". He went to the apartment and was propositioned by Karin for $190 to perform a sex act and she was arrested. She accepted a plea deal for a lesser charge and was released after one year of state supervision in September 2016.

Our outside inquiries of Leslie’s background revealed that he is an extremely arrogant and self-indulgent person. He is reclusive, introverted and has an anti-social personality. This explains his lack of employment in his life. He spent a few years in the Army during his younger years but was discharged because of his inability to get along with others. He lives his life based on scams, extortion and get-rich-quick schemes…none of which came to fruition. He seldom leaves his house and everything he does is via computer.

At the request of my private investigator I sent Leslie a formal Cease and Desist Letter on February 5, 2018. He was instructed to immediately refrain from harassing me, threatening me and engaging in any online reporting against me and my Amazon business. He failed to comply with all of the terms. He then accused me of sending (1) a “white powdery substance” inside the Priority Mailer, (2) an extortion letter for $5,000 if he did not remove the negative feedback from my account, and (3) a threatening letter that I would burn his house down with he and his wife in it and he even went so far as to say that I included a match with that letter. It is totally ridiculous and absurd to say that I did any of these things. He reported these events in detail on the buyer blog and said that Karin hand-carried these documents along with the “white powdery substance” to the police department. Little did he know I had already been in touch with the Round Lake Chief of Police, Michael Gillette, who was unaware of any of this and knows nothing about it to this day.

One of Leslie’s unfulfilled dreams is being a police officer. He bought a white Ford Crown Victoria and had it customized to look like an undercover police car. He hid it in his backyard so that the cops wouldn’t see it. He used this car to create a scheme to be an undercover detective. He set up a Twitter account under "Patrol2secure" (a quick search of his name on Twitter revealed this). He obtained criminal background clearance through the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation but never received the required licensing. He purchased a uniform and had the outward appearance of running a legitimate business. It was only going to be a patrol service where he would drive around all night to check on customers properties (those who would pay him for his service). The car soon got the attention of the local police. They stopped him one night and gave him a warning about impersonating a police officer so the venture got shut down before it ever started.

He had another business called "WIVES, INC." that was going to be used as a mail-order business to send out pornographic images of women he photographed. The business was dissolved on March 20, 1990. The only other person related to that business was a then Crystal Lake attorney who was (in 2013) sentenced to nine years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for stealing $1.2 million dollars by “obtaining unauthorized control over several thousand dollars belonging to multiple clients” (i.e., funds destined for disbursement following the passing of a family member).

On yet another scam Leslie was going to pose as a freelance reporter/photographer where he would race to fires, explosions, wrecks, crime scenes etc. to take photos. He had scanner radios, photo gear, and phony credentials (along with the customized Crown Victoria) thinking he could then sell his work to newspapers, television, magazines or whoever. That business never went anywhere, either.

Around this time Leslie was getting into financial trouble and getting pretty desperate. His next venture was selling VHS on Ebay. He bought many boxes of them for pennies from several Half Price Book stores in and around where he lives. Almost every room in his house was filled wall to wall, floor to ceiling with VHS tapes. He never checked the videos and some were damaged and recorded over. He worked all night and into the early morning hours listing the videos on Ebay without doing any quality checks. He would pick a nasty fight with every customer who had a complaint about his videos and he was eventually suspended. He resurfaced with a different account but his business practice stayed the same. The complaints (again) became so excessive that he would change his UserID to try to keep off of Ebay's radar and he would block any buyer who attempted to leave negative feedback about their bad experience. He has had four change of ID's so far:

To try to keep his seller feedback rating on target Leslie will purchase items from one of his stores (low-ball pricing them at $.99 each) and drop positive feedback into his seller account. As seen in the clip below, Leslie used his "buying-jewelry-4-donating-2-disabled-people" to purchase from his "consignments2resell" account and placed positive feedback. It's very obvious with his trademark all caps style writing that he does when he posts on the buyer blog and when he sends his threatening emails to me and other sellers.

We also located his history of feedback abuse using his Ebay account "buying-jewelry-4-donating-2-disabled-people". He posts negative remarks and demands refunds or will threaten with claims in order to get items for free. His feedback centers mostly around "moldy", "dirty", "damaged", "rewrapped" and "used as new" yet he never provides the requested proof and fails to return the item. In a few instances he falsely accused the sellers of feedback extortion. These issues (ironically) are also the exact same complaints he posted on my Amazon feedback as well as other sellers. He will go after sellers with 100% feedback (such as he did with me) and use that to bully his way into refunds. I find it further ironic that he accuses these innocent sellers of being scammers when that's exactly what he's been doing for years. The sellers UserID's have been removed to protect their privacy.

Leslie brought this same false claim (above) over to Amazon and used it as a claim to get refunds from me and other sellers.

Leslie accused me and other Amazon sellers of listing "moldy" VHS. This is a fraudulent complaint that he falls back on quite often when filing A-Z claims.

Leslie has used the Amazon feedback system to publicly accuse me and other sellers of feedback extortion many times.

Leslie has left negative feedback for me and other sellers accusing us of rewrapping our videos and selling new as used.

I find it very humorous that Leslie accuses the above seller of selling bootleg media (which was not true) when that's the exact reason his account ("MovieJukeBoxReplay") was terminated at Amazon. He was cited multiple times for this policy violation.

This seller's response is to Leslie as "she" because Leslie is hiding behind his wife's name, Karin (as he always does). He never scams or threatens using his own name. He's too much of a coward.

Leslie publicly (via feedback) accused me and other Amazon sellers of "cussing" and "threatening", too. The seller's response was spot-on when she referred to him as a mental case.

These feedbacks were both against the same seller with high-volume sales and 100% feedback. Note Leslie's "mold" and "bootleg" claims again.

Note Leslie's "mold" and "bootleg" claims again. He falls back on this consistently.

An obvious attempt at Leslie trying to get a freebie; hence his not wanting to return the item.

Yet another attempt at a freebie and no return of the item. This was a long-term seller with 99% feedback.

What a coincidence that Leslie profiles the seller as a "disabled vet". If you read the buyer blog that is what Leslie proudly refers to himself as. Another attempt at him trying to get something for free and when the seller doesn't give in to his demands he posts false feedback.

So you can clearly see that LESLIE GOCZA is a seasoned scammer and isn't very creative with his feedback responses. When his deviant ways started failing on Ebay he brought them to Amazon and that was a HUGE mistake on his part. He opened an Amazon business in his name around 2010 and sold the same movies there that he did on Ebay. The complaints came in, he attacked and threatened buyers and Amazon terminated him for multiple policy violations. He has had three different seller accounts. In the past he has used many different screen names and had a dozen or so post office boxes to keep Amazon and buyers off of his trail.

"MovieJukeBoxReplay" - shut down for selling inauthentic and homemade copied movies
"VHS tapes for your VCR" - shut down for elevated ODR
"VHS tapes for VHS tape players" - TERMINATED

When I read the blog and saw that Leslie began aggressively attacking me I filed a police report with my local police department. I was assigned a detective who is actively monitoring the blog. Leslie has repeatedly written of attacking me, my home and my businesses but it’s become clear that he is not capable of following through on anything so we no longer feel that he is a threat. It’s just words on a page. I have not participated in that blog since late March yet Leslie continues to accuse me of pretending to be whatever person is posting on a given day.

Leslie is extremely angry that he cannot do more damage to my old account since it is still in vacation mode. I have been granted access to a second seller account which I have been using since April 2018. Leslie is unable to locate this account although I know he is actively searching Amazon daily for it. To that end he found a Texas-based seller (Autumn Heart Books and Media) whose account he believed to be mine and he has been aggressively attacking them using a fake buyer account and fake shipping information. Upon confirmation of the orders he will immediately leave negative feedback and then file false A-Z claims. Leslie's false feedback always contains comments about Latinos and he accuses the seller of being racist. I have no involvement with Autumn Heart Books and Media. Leslie has most recently stated that he will begin attacking yet another Amazon store (WildMichigan). I have it on good authority that Amazon is aware of who he is, what he's doing and they are actively watching his buying activity on both accounts. His VHS TAPES FOR VHS TAPE PLAYERS seller account has been terminated due to multiple warnings by Amazon for feedback manipulation that he ignored.

I have posted this information here to make others aware of how destructive LESLIE GOCZA is. He will stop at nothing to do damage to innocent people.

Just for funsies I created the images below. Since Leslie has consistently used the words "s**t" and "fart" on the blog, I thought they'd be good for a laugh.

I really do appreciate all of my friends (both old and new) who have been a great support system! Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do!