I have chosen to close my Amazon store. Their venue has become a cesspool of scammers, foreign Seller Support idiots and overall incompetence. I've been a seller since 2006 and when Seller Support began farming out their services to third-world countries with people who can barely speak English, communication became extremely difficult. Amazon is a buyer-centric platform meaning that the buyer wins out every time, even when they commit fraud. A seller has an extremely difficult time trying to navigate the labyrinth of mazes that Amazon has put in place to keep us from reaching a live person. It's next to impossible. Then on the RARE occasion when you do get a live person and you can understand what the heck they're saying because of their foreign accent, it's even more RARE if they can actually help you. It's just a mess and I waste more time dealing with their incompetence. It's not worth it anymore so I've decided to cut ties and move on.

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